Getting Started

Hello and welcome to HomeSchool Minder, the best way to manage your homeschool''s lessons, assignments, and calendar. If you haven''t signed up yet, you may open a new account today and get a free month to try us out. Existing customers of our older Windows'' software should learn about our optional conversion process to move your data to the web.

Setup Process

Homeschool Minder: Introduction from HomeSchool Minder on Vimeo.

When you sign in to HomeSchool Minder for the first time, a wizard will open with an introductory video to the application. Afterwards, we will guide you through several steps to help you create your first terms, students, and courses. Feel free to skip these steps as you can always come back to the settings later to make changes!

Getting Help

This documentation area is the best place to learn about the various features and settings for HomeSchool Minder. You can always access relevant documentation by clicking on the Help link anywhere within the application.

Lastly, we want to invite you to connect directly with us if you need additional help or just want to give us feedback on how we can make HomeSchool Minder even better. We welcome you to contact us at support(@), on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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