Never Use Your Calculator Again

Our gradebook will keep track of every assignment and instantly calculate up-to-date course grades for each term and year.

Know the Plan Before Breakfast

The calendar shows every lesson, assignment, field trip, and more. In 30 seconds, know exactly when and what you want to accomplish today.

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Brag with Ivy-Caliber Reports

Homeschool Minder comes packed with over 16 beautiful reports including Report Cards, Transcripts, Daily Activities, and Lesson Plans.

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    Every lesson, assignment, field trip, and appointment in one place.



    Keep track of every assignment's score and see averages updated immediately.



    Organize lesson plans, skills, and resources for every course.



    16 beautiful reports including report cards, transcripts, and skill assessments.



    All of your data is available on any computer and securely backed-up in the cloud.

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