Frequently Asked Questions

Will Homeschool Minder work on my computer?
If you're reading this page, chances are Homeschool Minder will work on your computer (PC or Mac). We support Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Homeschool Minder will also work on most tablet (iPad/Galaxy/etc...) so you can have it on hand while with your children. 


How do I pay for Homeschool Minder?
You may upgrade to one of our subscription plans from the Settings area within the application.  We accept all major credit cards. 

Please Note: HomeSchool Minder will automatically renew your subscription at the end of the last day on your selected subscription plan.  We do this to ensure your access to HSM remains uninterrupted.

How often do you update HomeSchool Minder and are they free with my subscription?
We are always developing and improving HomeSchool Minder based alomst entirely upon user feedback.  So if we don't do something, or don't do it well, simply let us know and we will do our best to make the appropriate changes. 

Our updates have, and always will be 100% free. 

Do you offer discounts for low-income or military families?
We do offer discounts to both low-income families and non-profit community organizations which focus on low-income child education and military families. Please contact for more information. 

How long can I access my student's records once my subscription as ended?
If you've ever been a paying subscriber to Homeschool Minder, we will keep your student records available forever. Even if your subscription expires, you will still be able to login to view and print all of your data (and reports).  The only limitation is that you will not be able to add or edit any information without an active subscription. 

Can I send grades (transcripts) to colleges/universities?
Absolutely! Your grades are recorded in our Gradebook and printed via our Report Card and Transcript reports. These reports may then be downloaded as PDFs where you can print them yourself or submit them electronically to schools or certification organizations. 

What happens when my free trial ends?
When your free trial ends, you'll have the option to continue using Homeschool Minder with either our monthly or yearly subscription plan. If you choose not to continue using HomeSchool Minder, your data may eventually be deleted at some point in the future (only if you have never subscribed to HomeSchool MInder).  If you have previously been a paying subscriber to HomeSchool Minder, your data will NEVER be deleted.  Your data will always be accessible to you no matter how long your subscription ended. 

Can students log into HomeSchool Minder?
Yes, students can be given access to log into HSM to view their calendar and mark assignments as complete.  Click here to read more about Student Logins.

How do I delete a calendar event (e.g. Assignment, Chore, etc...)?
To delete a calendar event you will first want to open the Calendar module.  Once done, click on the day for which the calendar event is currently scheduled and a sidebar should appear on the right-hand side.  The sidebar should show a list of the scheduled events for that day along with a garbage can icon besides each event.  Now cilck the garbage can besides the appropriate event and it will then be deleted.

How do I rename a Course?
To rename a Course, click on Settings > Courses > and then By Subject button.  This will then display a list of your courses for which you may now edit the name and or description.

Can I autonumber recurring Assignments or Instructional Plans?  
Absolutely!  When creating an assignment or instructional plan, the first thing to do is to mark that event as recurring.  When done, users can then enter the Name of the event along with "#1".  This will then autonumber each event, starting with a #1, all the way through to their last event.  If users want to start with a number higher than 1, simply enter that number after the # sign (e.g. #10 to start numbering at 10).

Where can I get help?
We have an extensive Help section in HomeSchool Minder which contains information, as well as getting started videos, on each of our modules. You may also contact us anytime via Twitter, Facebook, or email at

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